Since 1994 TASC has been organising Events & Workshops to encourage the use and enjoyment of Folk Music in Mid Wales and the Borders


FOLK TUNES 2020 (Steady Sessions)

These are the tunes we'll be using for the Steady Sessions (see right). Thanks to Almeley Steady Sessions (ASS) and Tuneworks (TW) for use of their material.

Tunes on this page use pdf format for which you will need acrobat reader or one of the other programmes that read pdfs. We used PDF Creator to create the pdfs on this page a free programme which can read and write pdf documents. We have also provided the tunes in abc format. If you are unfamiliar with abc read this short guide to abc from John Messenger.

The videos aren't always precisely the same as the dots - that's what makes folk music folk music - but are there to give an idea of the tune for those who like to work that way.

If you find the video is too fast to play along with, you can always use the YouTube controls to slow it down.

101 Rheged

Comments: None

102 Morfa r'Frenhines

Comments: None

103 Dr. Mackay's Farewell to Creagory

Comments: This tune is also called The Dark Island

104 Ann Wooby's Waltz

Comments: None